The wing of an angel

The first wines from our vineyard “wing of an angel” are in the wine cellar.

The grapes for our rosé wine Il Principe 2016 were harvested by hand on the 29th of September 2016. Since the end of October, the wine has been stored in a 225-l oak barrel to further refine on the yeast. In mid-June 2017 it was filled on the bottles.

The grapes for our red wines of the year 2016 were harvested on 4 October. At the end of November the wine was filled into small wooden barrels. A portion of the wine is the basis for our first Super Tuscan Liaison 2016 from the Sangiovese, Merlot, Shiraz and Cabernet Franc grapes. The wine has entered the market in September 2018. The other part was filled in mid-June 2017 as Sangiovese in purity on magnum bottles to further refine in the cellar.

In addition to the newborn wines, we also store our red wine La Passione 2015 in the wine cellar. The wine has entered the market in may 2018 and just won a Bronze medal at the New York Wine & Spirits Competition 2018.

The grapes of the 2017 harvest were transformed into a Spumante Rosé. According to the classic method of fermentation in bottle it now matures on the yeast for at least two years in the bottle.